Message from the Principal

Eiko Gakuen 学校長 望月 伸一郎

Since its founding in 1947, Eiko Gakuen has operated in pursuit of its educational philosophy as a combined junior and senior high school under the auspices of its parent organization, the Society of Jesus, offering an all-round education to large numbers of boys. A Jesuit education teaches students to become excellent people by producing excellent results in every one of a wide range of fields, with a decisive focus on classwork.
The excellence that a Jesuit education seeks to instill in young men has nothing to do with comparing oneself with others or against some absolute standard. It is about each individual maximizing his unique potential by reflecting on his experiences at school and in everyday life, seeking out issues suited to his stage of growth, and using the wisdom so gained as a springboard into his next phase of personal growth.
All students have a desire to grow. At Eiko Gakuen we are proud to support that growth by providing all students with abundant opportunities for experience and dialogue.
In a Jesuit education, the emphasis is on cultivating in heart and spirit an individual who can use his abilities for the benefit of others and to work with others. Eiko Gakuen aims to spark that motivation within every one of the students in our charge.
God has blessed every student with endless potential for growth. During their six-year academic career at Eiko Gakuen, students will make many happy memories and face many trials. Eiko Gakuen encourages all students to embrace this belief in their potential and advance calmly and resolutely toward their future as excellent and accomplished individuals.

Shinichiro Mochizuki , Principal